How to Level Up Dinos in Ark

Taming dinosaurs is one of the main objectives in Ark: Survival Evolved. Not only do they provide protection and transportation, but they can also be used for gathering resources and crafting materials. In order to tame a dinosaur, you must first knock it unconscious using a weapon or your fists, and then feed it its preferred food.

Once the taming process is complete, you will have a loyal pet that will follow your commands and help you survive on the island.

ARK How To Level Up Your Dinos Fast

  • Tame a dino and ride it for a while to get it used to you
  • Get it used to following you around by walking or running in front of it and making sure it follows you
  • Once it is following you, start feeding it the food that will help it level up
  • Keep doing this until the dino is at the level you want it to be
How to Level Up Dinos in Ark


How Do I Level Up My Dinos in Ark

There are a few ways to level up your dinos in Ark. The first way is to simply keep them fed and happy. A well-fed dino will gain experience faster than one that is starving or unhappy.

The second way is to take them out and about with you on your adventures. Dinos that see combat or exploration will gain experience faster than those who stay back at base camp. Finally, you can use experience boosters to give your dinos a temporary boost.

These can be found in the wild or crafted at a crafting station.

The Amount of Food Required Will Depend on the Size And Level of the Dino

A small level 1 dino will need approximately 4-5 raw meat to fill its belly, while a large level 30 dino will require around 60 raw meat. If you are having trouble keeping your dinos fed, make sure to check out our taming & feeding guide for more tips and tricks! Assuming you’re asking about how much food tamed dinosaurs need in ARK: Survival Evolved, the amount of food they require depends on several factors.

The size of the dinosaur is the most important factor, as larger dinosaurs will obviously need more food than smaller ones. Another important factor is the dinosaur’s level – higher levels mean higher stats across the board, including increased hunger. Finally, some dinosaurs have different dietary needs than others – for example, herbivores like brontosauruses only eat plants, while carnivores like raptors only eat meat.

In general, a small level 1 dinosaur will need 4-5 pieces of raw meat to stay full, while a large level 30 dinosaur can eat up to 60 pieces of raw meat at once. If you’re having trouble keeping your dinosaurs fed (especially during early game), make sure to check out our taming & feeding guide for more tips and tricks!


In Ark, players can level up their dinosaurs by feeding them the appropriate food and water. The amount of experience a dino gains is determined by its level, with higher-level dinos gaining more experience.Players can also use experience boosters to increase the rate at which their dinos gain experience.

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