How to Pick Up Weapons Rdr2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are a few ways to pick up weapons. One way is to hold down the left trigger and use the right stick to select the weapon you want to pick up. Another way is to go into your inventory and highlight the weapon you want to pick up, then press A/X.

  • Go to the weapon you want to pick up and press “E” to pick it up
  • If you are picking up a gun, make sure to also grab ammo for it as well
  • You can also hold “Shift” and left-click on the weapon to pick it up without opening the inventory menu

How to Pick Up Weapons Rdr2 Xbox

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players will have the opportunity to find and pick up various weapons throughout the game. Here is a guide on how to pick up weapons in RDR2 for Xbox One. To pick up a weapon, approach it and press and hold “X”/“A”.

Picking up a weapon will automatically add it to your inventory if you have space. If your inventory is full, you will need to either make space or drop another weapon before being able to pick up the new one. To drop a weapon, go into your inventory and select the “Drop” option on the desired item.

You can also holster your current weapon by pressing “Y”/“Triangle” while not aiming.

Can You Pick Up Guns in Rdr2?

In short, yes – you can pick up guns in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are a few ways to acquire firearms in the game. The first is to simply purchase them from gunsmiths that can be found in towns across the map.

You’ll need to have some money saved up first, but this is the most straightforward method. Another way to get guns is by looting them off of dead bodies. This isn’t always reliable, as you never know what kind of weapon an enemy was carrying, but it’s worth checking if you’re low on ammunition or supplies.

Finally, you can also find weapons as random loot scattered around the world. Keep your eyes peeled for chests or other containers that might hold something useful!

How Do You Pick Up Weapons in Rdr2 Pc?

In order to pick up weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, you will need to use the mouse and keyboard controls. To do this, first move your cursor over the weapon you wish to pick up, then press and hold the “F” key on your keyboard. Doing so will cause your character to walk over and pick up the weapon.

How Do You Pick Up Extra Weapons in Rdr2?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can pick up extra weapons by looting them from enemies or finding them in the world. To loot an enemy, approach them and press the action button. This will open up a menu where you can choose to take their weapon or any other items they have on them.

You can also find weapons in the world by searching for chests or breakable objects. Once you’ve found a weapon, approach it and press the action button to pick it up.

How Do You Take Weapons in Rdr2?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can take weapons from enemies that you kill, or from corpses that you find around the world. To do this, simply approach the body and press the “Take” button. This will add the weapon to your inventory.

You can also purchase weapons from gunsmiths or other vendors around the world. To buy a weapon, simply approach the vendor and select the “Buy” option. You’ll then be able to choose which weapon you’d like to purchase.


Assuming you want a summary of the blog post titled “How to Pick Up Weapons in RDR2”: In Red Dead Redemption 2, picking up weapons is a simple process. All you need to do is walk over to the weapon and press the appropriate button.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when picking up weapons. For example, if you’re trying to pick up a weapon that’s on the ground, you’ll need to press and hold the Circle/B button while standing over it. If the weapon is too far away, you won’t be able to pick it up.

Additionally, some weapons can only be picked up by specific characters. For example, only Arthur can pick up his hatchet. It’s also worth noting that some weapons can’t be picked up at all.

These include certain thrown weapons like knives and dynamite, as well as mounted weapons like turret guns.






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