How to Say Bro in Portuguese

The word “bro” can be translated to “man” or “guy” in Portuguese. It is used as a term of endearment among friends and is also commonly used when addressing someone who is younger than you.

  • In order to say “bro” in Portuguese, you would say “irmão”

How to Say Hi in Portuguese

If you’re traveling to a Portuguese-speaking country, it’s important to know how to say “hello” in the local language. Fortunately, “hello” in Portuguese is very easy to remember and pronounce: “olá.” Here are a few other helpful phrases for greeting someone in Portuguese:

Good morning: bom dia Good afternoon: boa tarde

How to Say Bro in Portuguese


How Do You Say Bro in Brazil?

The word “bro” can be translated to “irmão” in Brazilian Portuguese.

How Do You Say Homie in Brazil?

There isn’t a direct translation of “homie” in Brazilian Portuguese, but there are some close equivalents that could be used in its place. One option is “mano,” which is derived from the Spanish word for “hand” and is used to refer to a close male friend. Another possibility is “irmão,” which means “brother” and can be used regardless of whether the person you’re speaking to is actually your brother or not.

If you want to convey a more casual tone, you could use the word “parceiro,” which means “partner.” This word can be used to refer to both friends and business partners. And finally, if you’re looking for something even more informal, you could always go with the classic Brazilian greeting of “tudo bom?” (literally meaning “all good?”).

What Do You Call a Boy in Portuguese?

In Portuguese, the word for boy is menino. This word can be used for boys of any age, but is most commonly used for young boys. If you are referring to a teenage or adult male, you would use the word homem.

What Do Brazilians Call Their Friends?

In Brazil, people generally call their friends “amigo” (male) or “amiga” (female). There are other ways to say “friend” in Brazilian Portuguese, but these are the most common.


In Portuguese, the word for “brother” is “irmão”. However, there are a few different ways that you can say “bro” in Portuguese. One way is to say “meu irmão”.

This is the literal translation of “my brother”, but it can also be used to mean “bro”. Another way to say “bro” in Portuguese is “parceiro”. This word means “partner” or “friend”, and can be used informally to refer to someone who is like a brother to you.

If you want to say something more like “what’s up, bro?”, you can use the expression “tudo bom, meu irmão?”. This literally translates to “all good, my brother?”, but it’s commonly used as a casual greeting between friends.






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