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Men move trapped dog through cave’s ‘tight and awkward’ space to rescue it. Watch

The story of males who rescued a canine trapped in a cave was posted on Facebook.

A gaggle of males exploring a cave unexpectedly found a canine trapped inside it. Thankfully they did as their fast actions helped saving the lifetime of the pooch. Shared on Facebook, the story of the rescue is successful individuals’s hearts.

Facebook person Rick Haley posted the story together with a number of photographs and videos. “Hey Facebook! Here’s a feel good story of survival. I’m at a caving project in Perry county where a hand full of groups entered the cave. One group discovered a dog in the cave. Gerry Keene and I facilitated a cave rescue of a dog. The dog was not in good shape. We package the dog in a duffel bag with her head sticking out. This was to protect her and the rescuers as she would likely struggle. We moved her 500 feet to a very tight, awkward, vertical climb, handing her hand to hand upward to the surface. She was totally cooperative. The pictures kinda tell the story. She was happy to be out! The owner claimed her and said she had been missing SINCE JUNE 9th! (You do the math),” he wrote.

Take a take a look at the submit:

Since being shared a number of days in the past, the submit has accrued greater than 1,400 reactions and counting. The share has additionally prompted individuals to submit varied feedback. Many thanked the boys for taking the time to rescue the canine.

“Wow. Great teamwork. I’ll thank you,” posted a Facebook person. “What a great story. Thank you for rescuing an otherwise doomed pup!” commented one other. “Thank you so much for saving that poor dog!” expressed a 3rd. “So cool. I’m happy the dog was brought to safety and to its people,” shared a fourth. “I needed to see this! It’s amazing, Mr. Haley!” wrote a fifth.

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