Sex act that could soon be outlawed

A second jurisdiction might observe the ACT in criminalising a intercourse act that’s been described as a ‘repugnant and disgusting act of betrayal’.

South Australia might grow to be the second jurisdiction within the nation to criminalise a intercourse act that’s been dubbed “a repugnant and disgusting act of betrayal”.

Stealthing — the non-consensual removing of a condom throughout intercourse – has grow to be a spotlight for South Australian political celebration SA Best, with MLC Connie Bonaros seeking to introduce new legal guidelines into parliament on Wednesday.

If the personal members Bill – titled the Criminal Law Consolidation (Stealthing) Amendment Bill — is handed, stealthing will likely be legally categorised as a sexual assault.

A most penalty of life imprisonment might apply to these discovered responsible beneath the proposed laws.

Ms Bonaros dubbed the act “a repugnant and disgusting act of betrayal” that had “life-changing” ramifications.

She stated stealthing ought to have been criminalised years in the past and didn’t consider the Bill could be opposed by her fellow parliamentarians.

“Stealthing is more common than most people believe, with a recent study revealing that one in three women and one in five men who had sex with men had been the victim of stealthing – that’s a shocking statistic,” Ms Bonaros stated.

“You can’t begin to imagine the level of damage to both a person’s physical and psychological wellbeing.

“Such grotesque acts of indecency deserve to be treated in the same manner as rape and a crime punishable by terms of imprisonment.”

The ACT made stealthing a crime final week — the primary jurisdiction within the nation to take action.

The new legal guidelines that handed on Thursday establish the act as one among sexual assault.

Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee introduced the Bill ahead.

“Stealthing is a traumatic thing for any person to go through and I am very proud that the ACT has passed nation-leading reforms to specifically criminalise this heinous act,” she stated.

“Stealthing is an appalling thing to do to anyone … It violates bodily autonomy in the most intimate of moments and victims have spoken about the impact that it has on their ability to trust people”.

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