Who Killed Lucy Beale Betting

The death of Lucy Beale has been one of the biggest mysteries in Eastenders history. The character was killed off in 2015, but viewers are still no closer to finding out who did it. The suspects are many and varied, but there is one clear frontrunner: Bobby Beale.

Bobby was the last person to see Lucy alive, and he had a history of violence against her. He also had access to the murder weapon, a baseball bat. However, there are other suspects who cannot be ruled out.

Max Branning was seen arguing with Lucy on the night she died, and he also had a motive for killing her. Jane Beale found out that Lucy was having an affair with her husband Ian, which could have driven her to kill her stepdaughter. We may never know who really killed Lucy Beale, but one thing is for sure – it wasn’t just one person responsible.

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The question on everyone’s mind is: who killed Lucy Beale? The betting odds are currently in favor of Bobby Beale, but there are plenty of other suspects out there. Let’s take a look at the case and see who the most likely killer could be.

Bobby Beale is, of course, the prime suspect. He had been acting increasingly erratic in the weeks leading up to Lucy’s death, and he was caught with her body by police. However, Bobby has an alibi for the time of death that has been verified by two separate witnesses.

Could he have hired someone to kill his sister? It’s possible, but it seems unlikely. Ian Beale is another suspect worth considering.

He was having an affair with Lucy at the time of her death, and he stands to inherit a large sum of money from her estate. Ian also has no alibi for the time of death, which makes him look guilty. However, it’s worth noting that Ian was recently diagnosed with cancer and may not have long to live.

Killing Lucy would give him access to her money sooner rather than later – but would he really be willing to risk going to prison for a crime he may not live long enough to enjoy the benefits from? Jake Stone is another person of interest in this case. He was dating Lucy at the time of her death, and he was seen arguing with her shortly before she was killed.

Jake also has no alibi for the time of death – but then again, neither do half the people in Walford! Jake does seem like a more likely suspect than Ian though; after all, what motive would Ian have to kill his own daughter? So far, Bobby Beale remains the prime suspect in this case – but there are plenty of other people who could have killed Lucy too.

Only time will tell if any new evidence comes to light that points towards one particular killer…

Who Killed Lucy Beale Betting

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Why Did Lucy Beale Run Away?

There are many theories as to why Lucy Beale ran away on the night she was murdered, and we may never know the truth. However, here are some of the most popular theories: 1) She was upset about something that happened at school or at home.

This could be anything from a fight with a friend to her parents getting divorced. 2) She was meeting someone secretly and didn’t want to get caught. This person could have been an older boyfriend or even a girl she was attracted to.

3) She was planning to run away from home permanently and didn’t want to say goodbye to her family. This is a possibility if she had been talking about running away with friends or researching how to do it online. 4) She owed money to someone and was afraid of what they would do if they found her.

This could be drug money, gambling debt, or money she borrowed from a friend. 5) She was being blackmailed by someone and running away was her only way out. This is possible if she had something embarrassing or damaging on someone else (such as a nude photo).

Why Did Lucy Beale Run in 2008?

In 2008, Lucy Beale ran for office in the United States. She was a member of the Republican Party and she campaigned on a platform of fiscal conservatism and social conservatism. She was also a strong supporter of the Iraq War and she advocated for an increase in military spending.

Beale ran against incumbent Democrat Nancy Pelosi and she lost the election by a wide margin.


The post starts off by asking who killed Lucy Beale, and then goes on to list a few possible suspects. The first suspect is Bobby Beale, her brother, who was seen arguing with her shortly before her death. The second suspect is Max Branning, who was also seen arguing with Lucy shortly before her death.

The third suspect is Ian Beale, Lucy’s father, who had motive to kill her because she was going to tell the police about his involvement in the murder of his wife. The fourth and final suspect is Jane Beale, Ian’s wife, who also had motive to kill Lucy because she was going to tell the police about Ian’s involvement in the murder of his wife.

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