Woman details moment she realised she’d married a bigamist

A person was busted in an online of lies after sharing a photograph from his wedding ceremony day on Facebook – the place his spouse noticed it and raised the alarm.

A lady has revealed how she uncovered that her husband was a bigamist after his first spouse messaged her on Facebook.

British former soldier Simon Crudgington wed his new companion Monika Szoka in Prague regardless of by no means divorcing his spouse Elizabeth.

Monika, 43, met Simon in 2013 in a on line casino and simply three weeks after their first kiss he moved into her residence, The Sun reviews.

He was upfront with Monika, and advised her that he was within the means of getting a divorce.

“He was tall and blond, with mesmerising blue eyes. I’d only known him for a few hours, but I was falling for him,” Monika advised the Daily Express.

“We talked about everything. About our jobs and our dreams. He was three years older than me, kind, respectful and interesting. It felt like the whole package.

“He promised me he would sort something out [about his marriage] and I had no reason to be suspicious. Why would I? I was so madly in love with him and he’d never lied to me before.”

Two week later, Simon advised Monika that he had sorted issues along with his former companion, Elizabeth.

“He told me he’d discovered from the register office that his marriage to Elizabeth wasn’t legal, as the venue hadn’t been licensed to perform ceremonies,” Monika stated.

“We’d just had a marvellous holiday in Turkey where he’d spoiled me with gifts and was so kind and caring, so I didn’t question it for a second.”

Monika and Simon quickly started to plan their very own wedding ceremony and set a date for June 27, 2014, in Hostivice close to Prague.

As the massive day drew nearer, Simon confirmed Monika a pretend e mail from Shrewsbury register workplace, saying that his first marriage was “null and void under British law”.

‘Man of my dreams’

He advised her that his first marriage had by no means been authorized – however was only a blessing ceremony.

Monika stated: “Any worries I had about Simon’s past were gone when I saw that email.

“I really thought Simon was the man of my dreams, but it turns out he was just a liar.”

The evening earlier than the marriage, Monika’s life was turned the wrong way up when she acquired a Facebook message from his ex.

It learn: “You and Simon can’t get married because we aren’t divorced.”

Monika was shocked and confused – and despatched Elizabeth the e-mail she had been proven by Simon.

When she confronted her fiance, he stood to his weapons – convincing her that his ‘ex-wife’ was simply bitter.

“I remember him reiterating they had never been legally married, and asking me, ‘Do you think I’d make that email up?’” Monika stated.

“I felt stupid for ever doubting him. I told him that, of course, I believed him.”

After being reassured by Simon, the couple went forward with the marriage and went to Spain on their honeymoon.

But a few months after the marriage, Elizabeth received again into contact – after she noticed pictures of their wedding ceremony on social media.

Monika stated: “She claimed Simon had told her we’d only had a blessing in Prague, instead of a full wedding,” Monika stated.

“She also said she’d contacted the register office who’d told her they had never sent out an email.

“Suddenly something didn’t feel right at all. Elizabeth was being so persistent. What was in it for her? A nagging feeling started to consume me.”

Monika determined to do her personal analysis this time and contacted the register herself.

‘My marriage was a sham’

Finally, she realised her husband was mendacity when employees stated they’d by no means despatched an e mail confirming Crudgington’s first marriage was null and void.

She stated: “It was the moment when I had to face the terrible truth – my marriage was a sham. I couldn’t believe he had lied to me for so long.

“I know I sound stupid for not checking out Elizabeth’s allegations before, but Simon was the love of my life and I’d had no reason not to believe him.”

She threw her wedding ceremony ring away, packed a suitcase and left him.

Monika continued: “When I got to my mum’s flat in Prague I emailed the British police to ask if my worries were correct. They confirmed Simon was still married to his first wife. I was devastated.

“I told them everything I knew then I rang Simon for a showdown screaming at him, ‘How could you do this to me? I loved you, I trusted you and you promised me you’d never lie to me.’

Staffordshire Police arrested and charged Simon a month later and in court he admitted bigamy and making a false declaration to procure a marriage.

The dad-of-two was jailed for six months at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court after admitting lying that he was free to marry.

Jason Holt, mitigating, said: “The twisting of the truth snowballed. One lie led to another and he finds himself before this court as a result.

“He has lost both relationships.”

He added that the defendant, a former soldier who served in Bosnia and accomplished two different excursions of responsibility, was genuinely remorseful.

Jailing Crudgington, Judge Paul Glenn stated: “You signed a notice which makes it very clear the possible consequences of making a false declaration.

“Soon after you manufactured an email purporting to be addressed to you that your first marriage was null and void.

“That shows devious and manipulative behaviour. These are serious offences.

“You caused great concern to your wife and to the lady you went through a form of marriage with in Prague. You are a selfish man.”

This article initially appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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