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Woman shares hilarious ‘conversation’ between her boyfriend and his dog about her

The lady took to Twitter to share a few hilarious ‘conversation’ between her boyfriend and his canine about her.

Dog dad and mom love their pooches to the moon and again. It is just pure that they want individuals near them to be as near the fur infants as they’re. Not simply that, pet dad and mom additionally love ‘talking’ to their pooches concerning the essential individuals of their lives. Just like this particular person did and there’s a probability that his ‘conversation’ together with his canine about his girlfriend will go away you laughing out loud.

“Was just petting my boyfriend’s dog and he said ‘I’m so glad you like her’ and I was like ‘of course how could I not like her, she’s so cute’ and my boyfriend was like ‘no I’m talking to my dog, it would be really awkward if my dog didn’t like you’,” Twitter consumer Colleen posted. In yet one more tweet, she additionally shared an image of the lovable canine. “This is the dog! She’s so sweet and such an angel (and actually 1/8 wolf, which is super cool),” she wrote.

Take a have a look at the posts:

Since being shared, the put up has collected greater than 2.3 lakh likes and the numbers are solely growing. The share has additionally prompted individuals to put up varied feedback.

“My dog has decided the guy I’m talking to is her favorite person in the world, which is cool and all except she literally won’t listen when he’s around so he can love on her,” expressed a Twitter consumer. “On our first date, my crazy calico kitten who avoided everyone, jumped in my date’s arms and purred herself to sleep. We just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary 2.5 weeks ago,” posted one other. “Can’t imagine starting a relationship without letting my pet meet them first. My dog is the most important girl,” commented a 3rd. “Welp! He might have a point. LOL! That’s why cats are cool. They never show their hands/paws!” wrote a fourth.

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